Zhenya Pro (aka Evgeny Prokopenko) is a high professional rock drummer, producer and songwriter having 25 years of ongoing exprerience in recording, performing and touring with top bands and celebrities. His extraordinary skills and outstanding talent made him one of the most recognized and demanded musicians in Russia and Ukraine as he always played lead and critical role in establishing successful bands and creative shows. He has been great both at night clubs and huge stadiums giving that necessary foundation and poweful rhythm to the music making the audience follow it. All the bands he played with have recieved various major awards which is defenitly due to his significant contribution, true professionalism and devotion. Zhenya’s fine-tuned ear, impeccable musical memory, sensitivity to structure and ability to read/write rhythm made him TOP-10 drummer in his country. Born in Belgorod, Russia in 1983, Zhenya Pro began his musical training in an elementary music school specializing in the percussion instruments. He was just 10 years old when he discovered his gift and passion for the rhythm and hard music. From 1998 till 2002 he had continued his education as a student of Belgorod State College of Culture and Arts named after S.A. Degtyarev at jazz/pop section majored in drums. While studying he had been playing in different metal and rock bands in his hometown. First real success was rock band “Libido” established in 2003 and invited to Moscow by major label “RDM” after they have been awarded at national rock festival “Hero of Our Time”. Their tracks have been put on rotation by main radio stations in Russia, the band was a participant of all major rock festivals at that time, they had a chance to work with the leading sound producers in industry. It was during this time that he honed his solid, groove based playing style which has carried him through a diverse and flourishing career in music. In the following years, he recorded and toured with over a dozen bands at the same time building up his musical success. The most significant bands were legendary rock band «Magnitnaya Anomaliya» (2003-2013), very popular rock band «Velvet» (2008-2011), tin-pop band «Lera Lera» (2009-2011) and charters' leader pop rock band «4POST» (2011-2013), also he kept working as a session drummer for such celebrities as Evgenya Otradnaya (2007-2009), Aleksey Goman (2008- 2009), «Quest Pistols Show» (2009-2013) and others. Great chapter in Zhenya’s music career was cooperation with industrial rock band “Lex Nulla” he joined in 2012. The band was personally selected and chosen by Marilyn Manson as support in Russia on Hey, Cruel World... Tour: Winter European Leg 2012. That was a great start for the band that helped them to be recognized as one of the most modern alternative music bands in Russia. The new stage for Zhenya started in 2013 when he with another two drummers has created a unique music project for Russia drum show “Drum Cast”. That was an absolute success from the very beginning as show became on high-demand by all major venues and famous pop artists. They have been recording and performing with Ukrainian pop star Svetlana Loboda, Russian pop singer Mitya Fomin invited them to rearrange his tracks and join him on a tour including a performance at Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, pop rock band “Mayakovsky” and Roma Zhyolud were other celebrities that “Drum Cast” worked with. The cooperation with the show brought those artists great success and awards that defenetly were a result of “Drum Cast” outstanding performance. In 2016 Zhenya moved to Los Angeles, California to continue building up his career specifically in rock music. First he worked with “The Gitas” on some of their tracks and music videos which is grunge band that became well known in US and now successfully tour abroad. Currently he permanently plays with “Sick Mystic” - an alternative rock band with original music and excellent sound. The band is new to the music scene, but their potential and drive have been immediately recognized by a diverse audience as their first demo tracks have been released. They have already received very nice review by Music Connection magazine and have been invited to attend Frosty, Heidi and Frank show at radio station 95.5 KLOS. The growing interest to the band also can be seen by a significant number of followers in social media. Undoubtedly with such a potential the band will face a great success in the nearest future by increasing the audience and starting performing worldwide. Zhenya is always open to interesting projects and down to create and perform. Reach out with inquiries.



  •   Los Angeles